What you can expect to pay for Mr. Gracia’s services

Once retained, Mr. Gracia will dedicate himself to resolving your legal matter with expedience and determination.

The initial retainer fee of $3000 engages the Solicitor-Client relationship and includes the following legal services:

    1. Open and maintain file (includes all administrative fees and standard disbursements)
    2. Request, obtain and review disclosure (case evidence, including police investigative reports)
    3. Analyze strengths and weaknesses in the Crown’s case
    4. Determine whether additional disclosure is required
    5. Conduct basic legal research
    6. Identify and assess viability of potential defences
    7. Provide legal opinion as to recommended course of action
    8. Appear in court on behalf of client
    9. Engage Crown in Early Case Resolution negotiations

All fees are reconciled in accordance with a standardized Solicitor’s Legal Services Tariff. Every client is treated equally and fairly.

There are no hidden fees or surprises.

Fees for future legal services depend upon whether the matter is to be resolved or taken to trial.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Gracia directly on his cell or via our contact page

Most forms of payment are accepted: Cash, certified cheque, money order, credit cards, Interac email transfer and direct deposit (contact us for details).