• Indecent Act
  • Causing a Disturbance
  • Criminal Harassment
  • Uttering Threats to Cause Harm to Any Person
  • Assault
  • Assault with a Weapon
  • Assault Causing Bodily Harm
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Assaulting a Peace Officer
  • Disarming a Peace Officer
  • Sexual Assault
  • Forcible Confinement
  • Robbery
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    Violent Offences Summary

    These offences involve Harm to a Person or Animal and include, but are not limited to, some of the following types of offences:
    Criminal Code, Part V:  Sexual Offences

    s.173 Indecent Act
    s.175   Causing a Disturbance
    s.176 Interfering With Religious Service
    s.180 Common Nuisance (Dangerous Activity)

    Criminal Code, Part VIII:  Offences Against The Person

    s.215 Failing to Provide The Necessaries of Life
    s.218 Abandoning a Child
    s.219 Criminal Negligence
    s.220 Criminal Negligence Causing Death
    s.221 Criminal Negligence Causing Bodily Harm
    s.231 Murder
    s.232 Manslaughter
    s.233 Infanticide
    s.239 Attempt to Commit Murder
    s.240 Accessory After the Fact to Murder
    s.241 Counselling or Aiding Suicide
    s.241.1 Medical Assistance in Dying
    s.244 Discharging Firearm With Intent
    s.244.1 Discharging Air Gun With Intent
    s.244.2 Reckless Discharge of Firearm
    s.245  Administering a Noxious Thing (like poison)
    s.246  Overcoming Resistance to Commit an Offence (by Choking or Drugging)
    s.247  Traps Likely to Cause Bodily Harm
    s.262  Impeding Attempt to Save Life
    s.264 Criminal Harassment
    s.264.1(A)  Uttering Threats to Cause Harm to Any Person
    s.264.1(B)  Uttering Threats to Cause Harm to Any Property
    s.264.1(C) Uttering Threats to Cause Harm to Any Person’s Animal
    s.266 Assault
    s.267(A) Assault with a Weapon
    s.267(B) Assault Causing Bodily Harm
    s.268  Aggravated Assault
    s.269  Unlawfully Causing Bodily Harm
    s.269.1  Torture
    s.270 Assaulting a Peace Officer
    s.270.1  Disarming a Peace Officer
    s.271  Sexual Assault
    s.272(A)  Sexual Assault with a Weapon
    s.272(B)  Sexual Assault With Threats to Harm
    s.272(C)  Sexual Assault Causing Bodily Harm
    s.273  Aggravated Sexual Assault
    s.273.3 Removal of Child From Canada
    s.279(1) Kidnapping
    s.279(2)  Forcible Confinement
    s.279.01 Trafficking in Persons
    s.279.04  Exploitation
    s.280/281 Child Abduction
    s.283 s.283 Abduction
    s.287 s.287 Procuring Miscarriage (abortion)
    s.293.1  Forced Marriage
    s.293.2 Marriage Under Age of 16 Years
    s.298 Defamatory Libel
    s.302 Extortion by Libel (blackmail)
    s.318 Advocating Genocide
    s.319 Public Incitement of Hatred
    s.343/344 Robbery
    s.346 Extortion
    s.351(2) Disguise With Intent to Commit Offence
    s.423  Intimidation
    s.423.1  Intimidating a Member of Justice System, Witness or Journalist
    s.445(1)(A) Kill, Maim, Wound, Poison or Injure a Kept Animal
    s.445(1)(B)  Attempting to Poison a Kept Animal
    s.445.01 Kill, Maim, Wound, Poison or Injure a Law Enforcement Animal
    s.445.1 Causing or Permitting Unnecessary Suffering to an Animal
    s.446 Neglecting an Animal Causing Suffering
    s.447  Keeping a Cockpit


    Elderly Domestic Violence (Calgary) – Charges Withdrawn

    Prevented From Calling the Police (Okotoks) – Charges Withdrawn


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