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    Other Offences Lawyer In Calgary

    These offences involve more unusual types of charges and include, but are not limited to, some of the following types of offences:

    Criminal Code, Part I:  General

    s.21 Party to an Offence (Aiding or Abetting)
    s.22 Counselling an Offence
    s.23 Accessory After The Fact
    s.24 Attempt or Intent to Commit an Offence

    Criminal Code, Part II:  Offences Against Public Order

    s.46 High Treason
    s.47 Assisting an Enemy of Canada to Leave the Country
    s.51 Intimidating Parliament or Legislature
    s.52 Sabotage
    s.53 Inciting Mutiny
    s.54 Assisting Deserter
    s.56.1 Identity Documents (Unlawfully Having, Using, Making or Selling)
    s.57 Forged Passport
    s.58 Fraudulent Certificate of Citizenship
    s.59 Sedition
    s.60 Counselling Breach of Duties of Armed Forces Members
    s.63 Unlawful Assembly (with Intent to Disturb the Peace)
    s.65 Participating in a Riot
    s.69 Neglect by Peace Officer to Suppress a Riot
    s.70 Unlawful Drilling
    s.72 Forcible Entry
    s.75 Acts of Piracy
    s.76 Hijacking Aircraft
    s.77 Endangering Safety of Aircraft or Airport
    s.80 Breach of Duty of Care With Explosives
    s.81 Having, Making or Using an Explosive with Intent to Cause an Offence
    s.82 Unlawful Possession of Explosive
    s.83 Prize Fighting
    s.83.02 Facilitating Acts of Terrorism
    s.83.03 Financing Terrorist Group Activities
    s.83.04 Using Property for Terrorist Purposes
    s.83.18 Participating in Terrorist Group Activities
    s.83.181 Leaving Canada to Participate in Terrorist Group Activities
    s.83.19 Facilitating Terrorist Group Activities
    s.83.191 Leaving Canada to Facilitate Terrorist Group Activities
    s.83.2 Committing Offence For Terrorist Group
    s.83.201 Leaving Canada to Commit Offence For Terrorist Group
    s.83.21 Instructing Person To Carry Out Activities to Benefit Terrorist Group
    s.83.22 Instructing Person To Carry Out Terrorist Activity
    s.83.221 Advocating Commission of Terrorist Offence
    s.83.23 Harbouring or Concealing a Terrorist
    s.83.231 Terrorist Activity Hoax

    Criminal Code, Part VII:  Disorderly Houses, Gaming and Betting

    s.201 Keeping Gaming or Betting House (Owner or Occupant)
    s.202/203 Illegal Betting
    s.206 Offences Relating to Lotteries and Games of Chance
    s.210 Keeping a Bawdy House (Owner or Occupant)
    s.211 Transporting Person to Bawdy House

    Criminal Code, Part IV:  Offences Against The Administration of Law & Justice

    s.119 Bribery of Judicial Officers (Accepting or Offering)
    s.120 Bribery of Officers (Accepting or Offering)
    s.121 Frauds on the Government (includes bribery)
    s.122 Breach of Trust By Public Officer
    s.123 Municipal Corruption
    s.124 Selling or Purchasing Office
    s.125 Influencing or Negotiating Appointments in Offices
    s.126 Disobeying a Statute (an Act of Parliament)

    Criminal Code, Part V:  Sexual Offences, Public Morals and Disorderly Conduct

    s.159 Anal Intercourse
    s.160 Bestiality
    s.162.1 Publication of an Intimate Image or Recording Without Consent
    s.163 Obscene Materials
    s.167 Immoral Theatrical Performance
    s.168 Mailing Obscene Material
    s.182(B) Indecent Interference With Dead Body
    s.210 Keeping a Bawdy House
    s.211 Transport Person to Bawdy House
    s.287 Procuring Miscarriage (Abortion)
    s.290 Bigamy (Married to More Than One Person)
    s.293 Polygamy (More Than One Conjugal Union)
    s.293.1 Forced Marriage
    s.293.2 Marriage Under Age of 16 Years

    Criminal Code, Part XIII:  Attempts, Conspiracies, Accessories

    s.463 Attempt to Commit or Accessory to an Offence
    s.464 Counselling to Commit an Offence
    s.465 Conspiracy to Commit an Offence
    s.467.11 Participating in Activities of Criminal Organization
    s.467.12 Commission of Crime For Criminal Organization
    s.467.13 Instructing Commission of Offence For Criminal Organization


    False Report of Shooting (Calgary) – Charge Withdrawn

    Carrie Underwood: “Before He Cheats” song-type Crime and Lying to Police – Discharge (all charges withdrawn).


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