No Jail for Crack, Heroin and Meth Dealer


CDSA: s.5(2) – Possession of Crack Cocaine for the Purpose of Trafficking; CC: s.354: Proceeds of Crime, 145(3) – Breach of Recognizance


During the course of an ongoing drug investigation against an associate of my client, and after witnessing four separate drug transactions, the police pulled over my client, who was driving this associate’s vehicle at the time. She was a suspended driver and did not possess a driver’s license. The associate ran away. He was chased and caught by the police, who beat the #&@! out of him. My client was taken into custody without incident. A search incident to arrest revealed that my client was in possession of over $2800 cash and some crack cocaine. Located in the vehicle was drug paraphernelia and evidence of trafficking. On the co-accused was found nearly $1600 in cash, a loaded handgun (that had been reported stolen from a local shooting centre), 12 grams of crack cocaine, 14 grams of heroin, 1 gram of meth and other drug paraphernelia. A search warrant, executed on their hotel room, led to the seizure of boxes of ammunition and more drug paraphernelia.


Prior to trial, my client accepted the Crown’s resolution proposal and tendered pleas of guilty to the lesser and included offence of 4(1) – simple possession, rather than PPT, and to the breach for not reporting to probation as directed. She received fines totalling $600. No jail.