No Jail for Repeatedly Breaching Probation Orders


CC: s.733.1 x 4 – Fail to Comply with terms of Probation Order.


My client breached the terms of his probation order four times by: 1) failing to keep the peace and be of good behaviour by getting arrested again, 2) failing to reside where directed, 3) failing to complete 100 hours of community service, and 4) failing to provide proof of completion.


My client has a lengthy record, which includes numerous prior breaches, for which he has served jail time. I negotiated that he plead guilty to only two of the charges, and the Crown withdrew the other two. The Crown sought a lengthier jail term this time. I argued against that; arguing, instead, for a fine. The judge agreed with me. However, she imposed a unique form of restorative justice, by requiring his to pay a charitable donation and to write a 100-word essay on the importance of obedience to the law in a free and democratic society. He ended up only writing about 300 words, and it appeared to be simply copied and pasted from Google. The judge was upset about this, but ended up not sending him to jail anyway, and considered his sentence to be served. No further penalty was imposed.