Meth Dealer Had a Good Defence but Counsel Had to Withdraw


CDSA: s.5(2) – Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (meth), s.5(2) – Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (marijuana); CC: s.354 – Proceeds of Crime, s.90(1) – Carrying a concealed weapon (baton), s.86(2) – Contravention of Storage Regulations (Ammunition), s.88(1) – Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose (baton); TSA offences (no insurance, no license, plate improperly secured).


My client was pulled over for not having his license plate properly secured. While looking in a bag for his registration, the police noticed a large bag of marijuana. Search incident to arrest revealed a bag full of other items in support of drug trafficking (a large bag of meth, a weigh scale, baggies, cash, a collapsible baton, 5 cell phones and a box full of ammo for a 9mm handgun). Moreover, the phones were ringing during his arrest with numerous people seeking what police believed to be drugs.


My client had a strong defence that would have secured for him an acquittal on all charges. Unfortunately, due to ethical considerations, I was forced to seek to be removed as counsel of record on the day of trial. He will need to obtain new counsel to assist him with his defence at a new trial date. The Crown was seeking 3 or 4 years in jail. He would most likely have been found “not guilty” on everything.