Charges Withdrawn on Subsequent Impaired Hit and Run


CC: s.259(4) – Driving while Disqualified, s.252(1)(B) – Hit and Run; TSA: s.167(A)(A) – No Licence, s.115(2)(B) – Careless Driving, s.167(1)(C) – Fail to Produce Insurance, s.54(1)(A) – Drive with no Insurance, s.94(2) – Drive while Unauthorized.


My client was a suspended driver due to an Impaired/Refusal conviction. While driving his vehicle, he lost control and slid into a parked vehicle. He failed to remain at the scene and drove away without making any attempt to contact the owner. This was observed by 5 witnesses.


After resolution discussions with the Crown, all charges and tickets were withdrawn. No criminal convictions.