No Jail for Suspended Driver Following 5th Impaired Conviction


CC: s.259(4) – Drive While Disqualified and TSA; s.94(2) – Drive While Unauthorized


My client was caught driving while his operator’s license was suspended due to an impaired driving conviction, entered almost 12 months earlier. Because it was his 5th impaired driving conviction in the past 20 years, he was prohibited from operating a motor vehicle for 3 years.


The Crown was seeking a substantial period of incarceration and a further driving prohibition of 5 years. The standard penalty for this offence is for a period of incarceration, even for a first offence. However, the judge agreed with my submissions instead, that incarceration was not required in my client’s particular circumstances, and imposed a $2000 fine and the minimum driving prohibition of 3 years. After 12 months, he will again be eligible to drive with an alcohol ignition interlock device. No jail.