Dangerous Driving Charge Reduced to a Ticket


CC: s.249(1)(a) – Dangerous Driving


My client was driving one vehicle, while his friend was driving another. Both vehicles contained numerous other friends. They were driving fast through back alleys around their neighbourhood, following each other closely and causing people to jump out of the way. The alleys were very wet with numerous puddles of muddy water. A young mother was walking down the alley, holding her new born baby in her arms, when my client and his friend drove toward her, at a high rate of speed, and deliberately splashed her – twice. She and her baby were completely soaked with dirty water. As the vehicles continued driving, passengers in the second vehicle were hanging out of the window, pumping their fists, yelling “yes!”


Close to the day of trial, I persuaded the Crown to agree to resolve this matter by way of a guilty plea to a separate offence of “stunting,” under the Traffic Safety Act. The penalty consisted of only a $500 fine and 3 demerits. No criminal conviction.