Dangerous Driver Gets Away with Only a Ticket


CC: s.249(1)(a) – Dangerous Driving; TSA: s.115(2)(a) – Careless Driving, s.54(1)(a) – No Insurance, s.167(1)(a) – No License, s.69(1)(a) – Fail to Remain at the Scene of an Accident (Hit & Run).


While driving at a high rate of speed, in a turn, my client passed a vehicle by driving into oncoming traffic, then cut off the driver she passed, and then lost control and slammed into parked vehicles, one of which ended up on someone’s lawn, 20 feet away, at a 90 degree angle; the other became intertwined with my client’s vehicle, rendering it inoperable.  Witnesses say they had to prevent my client from trying to flee the scene. My client had no driver’s license and no insurance.


I negotiated a guilty plea to Careless Driving only, under the Traffic Safety Act.  The criminal charge and all other tickets were withdrawn.