Dangerous & Violent Intoxicated Driver – Impaired Driving Only.


CC: s.253(1)(a) – Impaired Driving, s.253(1)(b) – Driving with Blood/Alcohol Level Exceeding .08 mg%, s.249(1)(a) – Dangerous Driving, s.266 – Assault.


My client was seen to be driving his vehicle erratically in a strip mall parking lot.  He drove over curbs and struck a tree and another vehicle. A witness ran over to him and observed him striking his female passenger in the face.  The witness tried to reach into my client’s vehicle to remove his keys from the ignition. However, my client drove away, dragging the witness for several metres.  My client then sped off, attempting to flee the scene. He abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot. Another witness caught him and detained him until the police arrived.


I negotiated a plea to impaired driving only. The other charges were withdrawn.