Criminal Charge Withdrawn for Plea to Traffic Ticket


CC: s.259(4) – Drive While Disqualified, TSA: s.54 – Driving Without Insurance


My client was prohibited from driving anywhere in Canada, as a result of two separate convictions for Impaired Driving in Ontario. My client was pulled over, while driving in Calgary, for a traffic violation. That’s when the officer discovered that he still had one year remaining on his driving prohibition. My client was argumentative with the police throughout and continuously asked to be given a break. He even asked the police officer if there was anything that he could do for him or a family friend that would get him out of these charges.


After extensive negotiations, I persuaded the Crown to withdraw the criminal charge, which carries a typical penalty of jail for 30 days, in exchange for a plea to the Traffic Safety Act violation of driving without a valid licence, with a fine of only $500, instead. A couple of weeks later, I then successfully persuaded the traffic Crown, on the day of trial, to withdraw the no insurance ticket, which carries a minimum fine of $3,250.00). No criminal convictions.