Hit and Run Ends With a Small Fine


TSA: s.69(1)(a) – Hit and Run, s.71(1) – Fail to Provide an Accident Report, s.50 – Fail to Merge Safely, s.167(1)(a) – Fail to Produce Driver’s Lcence, s.167(1)(b) – Fail to Produce Registration, s.167(1)(c) – Fail to Produce Insurance


While merging onto Deerfoot Trail in rush hour traffic, my client slowly drove into another driver’s lane, forcing the driver to move as far onto the shoulder as possible and up onto a median. My client continued to force his way into this lane and ultimately drove iinto the side of this vehicle. After merging onto Deerfoot, the vehicle that he crunched pursued him, trying to get his attention. However, he simply laughed at the driver and kept on driving. The complainant reported the incident to the police, providing a detailed description of his appearance, his vehicle and licence plate number. There was also another witness. The investigating officer tried, without success, to track him down until several months later.


On the day of trial, after meeting with all of the witnesses, I negotiated plea to only a couple of minor tickets and he paid a small fine.