Drunk Driver Avoids Jail Again


CC: s.254(2) – Refusal to Comply with a Breath Demand, s.259(4) – Drive While Disqualified, s.145(2)(a) x 2 – Fail to Attend Court


My client was pulled over after being observed pulling out of the parking lot of a bar at 2:30am, with a car full of drunk people. Her licence was suspended 3 months earlier for impaired driving conviction. She refused to provide a sample of her breath into a roadside screening device. She then failed to attend court twice.


On the day of trial, the Crown agreed to withdraw the refusal charge. My client pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified and one failure to attend court charge. The Crown was seeking 2 months jail. Instead, my client received fines totaling $850, with 8 months time to pay. No jail time.