Dangerous Driver with 5 Priors for Impaired Driving Gets Off Easy


CC: s.249.1(1) – Fail to Stop Vehicle While Pursued by Police, s.249(1)(a) – Dangerous driving, s.249(4) – Drive While Disqualified, s.733.1(1) x 2 – Breach Probation Order; TSA: s.54(1)(a) – No Insurance, s.52(1)(a) – No Registration; GLA: s.50 – Unlawful Possession of Liquor.


My client was prohibited from driving, as a result of five prior convictions for impaired driving. The police recognized him driving and tried to pull him over. He drove off at a high rate of speed, through a residential neighborhood, cutting corners by driving over lawns. He was intoxicated at the time and was bound by conditions of probation as well. He had a lengthy and related criminal record. The Crown was seeking a significant period of incarceration.


He pleaded to a few lesser and included offences and was sentenced to 9 months, minus pre-trial custody, resulting in 6.5 months, followed by 2 years of probation and a further three year driving prohibition.