Cocaine Dealer Gets 2 Years, Instead of 5, for 1 kilo


CDSA: s. 5(2) – Possession of Cocaine for the Purpose of Trafficking, 4(1) – Possession of Crack Cocaine.


My client was pulled over in Swift Current, Saskatchewan for not wearing his seat belt. While speaking to my client, the police officer noticed flakes of marijuana on the floor of the vehicle and arrested him for possession of a controlled substance. The vehicle was searched incidental to arrest and 1080 grams (1 kg) of cocaine, as well as 1 gram of crack cocaine were seized from inside the vehicle.


In light of my client’s related criminal record, which includes a 15-month sentence of imprisonment for cultivation of a narcotic (residential grow op consisting of 256 marijuana plants), the Crown was initially seeking a period of incarceration of 4-5 years. However, at sentencing, my client ended up getting only 2 years, plus a day, in a federal institution, of which he will serve no more than 8 months.