Drunken Rampage and Assault Police Officer Charges Withdrawn


CC: s.270(1)(a) – Assault Police Officer, s.129(a) – Resist Arrest


My client was severely intoxicated and caused a disturbance at a nice hotel. Security was called to the lounge, where my client had thrown some bar stools and was being loud and beligerant with staff members and other patrons, after being refused service. My client then attempted to engage security in a fight by taunting them and making derogatory comments. My client left the area and returned to his room. Moments later, security received another complaint tht my client had pushed some teenagers in a hallway and their parents were upset. Security confronted my client at his room, where he tried to slam the door on them and then hid in the bathroom. At this point, the RCMP were called to assist in removing him from the premises. My client then tried to start another fight with security before running away. RCMP officers assisted security in locating my client, who was hiding in a backspace near the elevators. He was talking to himself and hitting the elevators with his elbows. Police arrested him, placed him in handcuffs and, while in the process of escorting my client out of the building, my client dropped his weight to the floor, tripping and pulling the officers down with him. One officer fell on his back and the other officer fell on top of my client. My client continued to resist and to swear at the officers during his arrest processing at the police station.


I negotiated a referral to the Alternative Measures Program on the resist arrest charge only. My client was required to write letters of apology to the hotel and to the police, as well as to make a charitable donation of $100 to the local food bank. All charges were withdrawn. No criminal record.