Two years for Repeat Offender in Violent Robbery of Vehicle


CC: s.344(b) – Robbery, s.268 – Aggravated Assault, s.246(a) – Choking, s.145(3) x 612 – Breach Recognizance, s.266 – Assault


After a drunken house party that turned into an armed conflict between two rival groups, my client and his friend attacked a person who was sleeping in his truck. They demanded the keys to his truck while holding a knife to his throat. Once out of the truck, and in the process of defending himself, the victim grabbed the blade of the knife, slicing his hand open. One punched and kicked the victim repeatedly while the other choked him with an extension cord. The victim suffered a severe concussion in addition to other physical injuries. After his friend drove away in the victim’s truck, my client returned to the house and acted as though nothing happened. While out on bail for these charges, my client breached his recognizance numerous times. In addition, only two weeks before his sentencing, he also assaulted his girlfriend again. The Crown was seeking more than 3 years incarceration.


He was sentenced to two years, followed by one year of probation.