Crack Dealer gets a CSO


CDSA: s.5(2) – Possession for the Purpose of trafficking (crack cocaine), s.4(1) – Possession (Marijuana); CC: s.354: Proceeds of Crime, 129(a) – Resisting arrest, 145(2)(a) – Failure to Attend Court.


My client was selling crack cocaine in a back corner of the Cecil Tavern. A search incident to arrest revealed that he had some marijuana on his person, as well as a total of 49 rocks of crack cocaine. He was combative with police during his arrest. He subsequently failed to attend court and a warrant for his arrest issued.


The Crown was initially seeking a custodial sentence in the range for a penitentiary term of imprisonment. He ended up receiving a conditional sentence order for 18 months, with conditions including house arrest for 6 months. No jail.