Probation for Beating Taxi Driver Unconscious and Fleeing from Police


CC: s.266 – Assault


My client took a taxi home with two friends, after a night of drinking and doing drugs. As a result of a verbal dispute with the taxi driver, he made angry racial remarks, exited the cab and kicked the door. When the driver exited to inspect the damages, the accused began punching him in the face, knocking him down, and then proceeded to kick him until he went unconscious. It took three persons to restrain him and to prevent him from inflicting further injury. As the police arrived, he fled on foot and it took the police almost two hours to track him down with a K-9 unit. He had a criminal record relating to vandalism and disobeying court orders.


After resolution discussions with the Crown, he pleaded guilty and received a minor fine and probation for 12 months. No jail.