Violent Offender Gets Probation Again for Attacking Police While on Release


CC: s.270(1)(a) – Assault Peace Officer, s.129(a) – Obstruct Peace Officer, s.264.1(1)(a) – Uttering Death Threats, s.733.1(1) – Breach Probation


My client was observed by police to be acting beligerantly with security staff at the Drop-In Centre. The police intervened and tried to get him to leave. My client, who was extremely intoxicated, began to fight with the police and threatened to kill them, as well as several D.I. patrons. He was swearing, yelling, spitting and acting completely out of control, so the police tasered him a couple of times. He had just been released from custody that day for other violent offences, including assault causing bodily harm. He was also bound by a probation order.


He received a sentence of time served in pre-trial custody, followed by another probation order, requiring him to attend for residential treatment for his alcohol addiction and other personal issues.