Assault on Ex’s New Boyfriend and Threats with an Ax Withdrawn


CC: s.266 – Assault, s.175(1)(a)(i) – Causing a Disturbance


My client got into a fight with his ex-wife’s new boyfriend (the complainant). He was dropping off his kids after a weekend of camping when he yelled over to the complainant to make himself useful and help him unload the kids’ belongings. The complainant walked over to my client and got into his face, so my client began to throw punches at him. They ended up wrestling around on the front lawn and it took several people to break them up. My client then went to his truck and retrieved an ax and threatened the complainant, who responded by retrieving from his house a samurai sword. The police arrived before these weapons could be used. The complainant suffered injuries, including numerous facial bruises and a severely swollen eye.


On the day of trial, the Crown agreed to withdraw the charges against my client, providing that he enter into the alternative measures program. He ended up making a charitable donation, in the amount of $500, and the criminal charges were withdrawn. No criminal convictions.