Campground confrontation charges dropped


CC: s.266 – Assault and s.264.1(1)(a) – Uttering Threats


While camping with his family, my client’s daughter informed him that a group of older boys bullied her, pushed her down and poked her with sticks. This infuriated my client, who confronted the boys and threatened one of them to shove a stick up his @%%, if he ever did that again. When an older boy confronted my client and said that he could not talk to little kids that way, my client pushed him, cursed at him, and then kicked him in the @%%. The parents of these children then confronted my client in the form of an angry mob. One of the parents was apparently an off-duty police officer.


My client was diverted out of the criminal justice system, into the Alternative Measures Program, where he was required to make a donation, in the amount of $500, to a local charity. All charges were dropped. No criminal convictions.