Charges Withdrawn in Drunken Domestic Tirade


CC: s.266 – Assault, s.264.1(1)(a) – Uttering Threats; CDSA: s.4(1) – Possession of Cannibis Resin (hashish)


My client assaulted his wife in their home while he was intoxicated. He became enraged, was pulling her hair and yelling at her, then punched a hole in the wall beside her. He then grabbed her by the arms and pushed her by the chest and throat up against the wall to make him listen to her. She is deaf. He was talking too fast for her to read his lips. She asked him to let her go because she had to use the bathroom. He would not, and she ended up urinating in her pants. My client then started talking about her daughter and stated that he wanted to kill her. He insisted that she drive him to Calgary to see her and her father. His wife told police that he loses his temper many times every day, where he yells, screams, swears and calls her names. He also smokes drugs every night in order to calm himself down and to relax. That night, my client was heavily intoxicated by alcohol, combined with prescription medication. After forcing her to drive him, and while they were driving toward Calgary, my client continued with his tirade and was grabbing the wheel of the vehicle. She pulled over and flagged down a passerby to call the police. While police were dealing with him, he was instantly rude, aggressive and extremely beligerant toward the officers. He refused to obey directions or to answer simple questions, telling the police to “f” off and that it was none of their f-ing business. While handcuffed in the back seat of the police cruiser, he continued to shout profanities and to yell obscenities at the officers, trying to break the door open with his upper body. His wife turned over to police a large block of hashish that she took from my client. The vehicle was also strewn with open and empty cans of beer.


On the day of trial, the Crown agreed to resolve with a Peace Bond for 12 months. The only conditions being to abstain from the use of intoxicants. All charges were withdrawn. No convictions.