Criminal Harassment and Stalking charges dropped


CC: s.264(2)(a) x 2 – Criminal Harrassment (repeated following), s.264(2)(b) x 2 – Criminal Harrassment (repeated communication), s.264(2)(c) x 2 – Criminal Harrassment (besetting dwelling house), s.264(2)(d) x 2 – Criminal Harrassment (threatening conduct), s.127(1) x 2 – Breach of Restraining Order.


The details of these offences are complex and lengthy. However, my client was essentially accused of harrassing, stalking and threatening the complainant and her husband at various locations throughout the course of nearly 14 months. My client and the complainant were involved in an intense extra-marital affair together. When her husband found out, he ordered an end to it and, together, they obtained a restraining order against my client. However, he repeatedly violated the conditions to avoid her, as they pursued their sexual relations.


All charges were eventually dropped. My client entered into a peace bond, promising to avoid communicating with her or her husband for a period of one year. No criminal convictions.