Charges Withdrawn in Violent B&E and Assault with a Butcher Knife


CC: s.348(1)(b) – Break & Enter and Commit Indictable Offence, s.127 x 2 – Disobey Court Order, s.267(a) – Assault with a Weapon


My client attended at her estranged husband’s residence, where he was having dinner with their 3 children and the new nanny. There was a restraining order in place to prevent her from having any contact with him. She was extremely upset and had tried to kill herself. Despite being told to leave repeatedly, and refusing to do so, she managed to storm into the house. She was quickly forced back out and left, only to return shortly thereafter, when she eventually managed to kick in the front door and gain entry. The kids were told to hide in the basement, while he tried to prevent her from getting to them. She ran to the kitchen, pulled out a butcher’s knife and tried to stab him. His son, grabbed a bayonet and was about to stab her with it, when his father wrestled the knife away from her. He then picked her up and threw her off the deck, whereupon she sustained some injuries. After laying unconscious on the ground for a while, she got back up and again tried to kick in the door while yelling and screaming. They held the door shut and barricaded it closed until the police arrived.


The Crown was seeking a custodial sentence. However, on the day of trial, and after extensive negotiations, the Crown entered a stay of proceedings on all charges, resulting in no criminal convictions.