False Report of Shooting (Calgary) – Charge Withdrawn

CC: s.140(1)(C) – Public Mischief (Falsely Reporting a Crime).

My client called 911 and reported that he had been shot by his neighbour and that he was bleeding to death in his apartment.  When police could not locate him, he advised them that he was now at the park.  They searched the park, but could not find him.  They returned to his apartment, and continued to knocked on his door, but there was no response.  They took into custody some of his neighbours, but could not locate any firearms.  Finally, they forced their way into my client’s apartment, and found him standing there.  He was extremely intoxicated and had no injuries. He was apprehended on a Form 10 due to serious Mental Health concerns.

Charge Withdrawn.  Crown withdrew the charge on the day of Trial.