Harassment Charges Disappear!


CC: s.145(5.1) – Breach of Undertaking x 2, s.264 – Criminal Harrassment


As a result of committing an assault upon his girlfriend, my client was bound by undertaking to avoid communicating with her. About 10 days later, my client sent text messages to her and was warned not to do that again. Then, about one week after that, he sent obscene images to her via text message. Also, he had been seen driving by her house 4 or 5 times per day, blasting his music and revving his engine very loudly as he drove by. He would also park near her workplace and watch her through the windows. He would also blast his music and rev his engine loudly to get her attention.


The day prior to his scheduled trial date, the Crown fell ill and was requesting an adjournment. I opposed the adjournment but offered to resolve it through a Peace Bond. The Crown agreed. However, on the day of trial, the complainant failed to attend, so all charges were withdrawn. Despite my client having a criminal record, including a prior conviction for domestic assault, all of his charges were withdrawn. No criminal convictions.