Road Rage Assault Causing Bodily Harm Charge Dropped for Anger Management


CC: s.267(b) – Assault Causing Bodily Harm, s.430(1)(a) – Mischief


While driving home from work one day, my client was cut off by another driver who then gave flipped him the bird. My client was outraged and followed this driver in order to “discuss” his rude behaviour. Upon arrival at his residence, the complainant remained in his vehicle, while my client cursed at him through his closed window and urged him to step out. The complainant was terrified and refused to leave the safety of his vehicle. My client grew so frustrated that he punched him through the glass. The shattered glass flew into the face of complainant, causing several cuts on his face.


Despite my client’s criminal record, I persuaded the Crown to withdraw the assault causing bodily harm charge, in exchange for a guilty plea to the mischief charge. By way of penalty, my client received a suspended sentence, with a period of probation for one year, with conditions that he attend for anger management counseling and pay restitution to the victim for the cost of the ambulance bill.