Prolific Thief Gets Away with Stealing a Large Plasma Television


CC: s.334(b) – Theft Under $5000


My client stole a 51” Samsung Plasma TV from The Brick. A store employee recognized my client a few days later at a local drug store and tried to detain him with his friend as the police were called, but my client got away. The employee told police that my client picked up this large, heavy television, still in its box, and ran through the store to the warehouse bay door to a waiting car. The employee gave chase to the car, but they got away. A few days later, my client was arrested in a different stolen vehicle.


This matter was scheduled for trial. My client is disabled and incapable of lifting such a large and heavy television, let alone capable of running with it in his arms. I obtained from my client’s doctor a large volume of medical records supporting this theory. In addition, my client’s friend, who is currently a serving inmate at the Drumheller Penitientiary, provided a statement to police, wherein he alone accepted full responsibility for the theft. Despite serious doubts, and despite my client’s lengthy and related criminal record, which includes approximately 30 convictions, many of which are for thefts, frauds and robberies, the Crown conceded that in the circumstances there was no reasonable likelihood of a conviction and agreed to withdraw the charge. No criminal conviction.