Discharge for Using a Stolen License Plate Again


CC: s.355(b) – Possession of stolen property


My client stole a license plate and got a photo radar ticket with the stolen plate on the back of his car, on the same day that it was stolen. He also incurred additional tickets on that same stolen plate. Several months later, he crashed his car and abandoned it. The police found him at home, shortly thereafter, and he was clearly intoxicated. The stolen license plate was found inside his crashed vehicle. He lied to the police about finding it recently in a car wash and just not having had the time to turn it in yet. He had previously been referred to alternative measures for stealing a different license plate as well. He ran the first part of his trial without counsel, then hired me because he was going to be convicted and the Crown was seeking a jail term.


I negotiated a plea deal to avoid jail time. After presenting lengthy arguments, the judge very reluctantly granted a conditional discharge, with a charitable donation. No criminal conviction!