Meth Addict on The Run (Calgary) – Warrant

CC: s.334(B) – Theft Under $5000 x 5; s.145(5) – Fail to Attend for Identification x 3; s.145(2)(A) – Fail to Attend Court x 4; s.341 – Fraudulent Concealment of Merchandise; s.403(1)(A) – Impersonation; s.129(A) – Obstructing a Police Officer; CDSA: s.4(1) – Possession of a Controlled Substance (Meth) x 2.

My client stole numerous items from stores, numerous times, worth thousands of dollars; she lied about name; failed to attend for fingerprints and failed to attend court several times, and was found to be in possession of crystal meth a couple of times.

I had negotiated a deal, whereby my client would plead to some of the offences, be placed on probation for 2 years (for treatment), and all other charges would be withdrawn. However, she didn’t show up at her sentencing hearing, and warrants issued for her arrest – again.