Small fine on 4th Conviction for Drug Trafficking


CDSA: s.5(2) – Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking; TPA: s.3 – Trespassing


My client was reported to be trespassing on CP Rail property. Police found my client to be walking on the railway tracks. When they saw them, he attempted to avoid the police by walking up a steep wooded hill. Police caught up to him on the hill and noted a very strong odour of fresh marijuana. Police searched his backpack and found it to contain: 5 separately packaged large bags of marijuana, 3 scales and, in his pockets, 25 empty dime bags. The total weight of the marijuana was just over 159 grams, with a street value of approx. $1500.


My client had a criminal record, including 3 prior convictions for drug related offences. Despite his prior and related record, and despite the fact that he had already served jail time for his last drug offence, I convinced the Crown to agree to a low fine, with no jail time. Unfortunately, my client did not appear for his sentencing and a warrant issued for his arrest.