Sexual Assault on Lesbian at Bar (Brooks) – Charges Withdrawn

CC: s.271 – Sexual Assault x 2

My client was at the local bar with his wife and friends.  While at the bar, ordering drinks, he engaged the complainant in a discussion, where he voiced his disgust for lesbians, told her gay marriage was illegal, and what she really needed was the touch of a man.  As he said that, he grabbed her crotch, attempting to forcefully insert his fingers inside her vagina, through her pants.  She immediately swore at him and shoved him away from her.  At closing time, my client allegedly grabbed her breast, while she was outside having a smoke.  She then punched him in the face and a big drunken brawl ensued, between several people.  In the process, my client’s wife was knocked down and beaten severely.  She required hospitalization for numerous bruises and lacerations, including a broken arm.  My client had a related record for violence, drugs, impaired driving and vandalism.

Charges Withdrawn.  Resolved with a Peace Bond on the day of trial.