Sexual Assault & Violence at Concert (Tsuu Tina) – Charges Withdrawn

Charges:    CC: s.151 – Sexually Touching a Minor, s.271 – Sexual Assault, s.270(1)(B) – Assault with Intent to Resist Arrest, s.129(A) – Resisting Arrest.

My client was at the Grey Eagle Casino Event Centre for a concert.  He was intoxicated and approached a random girl there, placing his hands on her lower back and buttocks.  She notified a security guard, who then tried to force my client to leave.  However, he resisted and became aggressive with security.  When police intervened, and tried to place my client under arrest, he assaulted a police officer, grabbing him and ripping his uniform, and tried to strike at other officers.  He was wrestled to the ground and subdued.  After being brought back to his feet, he tried to take a police officer’s service pistol.  Again, he was wrestled to the floor and subdued.  As they were escorting him outside the building, he was angry and swearing and kicked at a glass panel door.

Charges Withdrawn.  My client received a Conditional Discharge for obstruction.