Teenager Accused of Assaulting and Sexually Assaulting Two Different Girlfriends – All Charges Withdrawn


CC: s.271 – Sexual Assault x 2, s.266 – Assault x 3.


My client was arrested for two different sets of charges.  First, he was accused of assaulting his girlfriend on three separate occasions, consisting of pinching her skin, leaving welts and bruises, punching her in the face, knocking her to the ground, and kicking her in the head.  He was also accused of sexually assaulting her on the school bus by forcing her to kiss him, masturbating in front of her, and forcefully inserting his fingers inside her vagina.  Second, my client was accused of forcing a different girlfriend to perform oral sex on him.


Both sets of charges were scheduled for trial, because my client vehemently denied these allegations.  The Crown ultimately agreed to resolve both sets of charges with Peace Bonds, resulting in the immediate withdrawal of all charges.