Angry Ex Sets Wife’s Car on Fire (Calgary) – Weekends in Jail & Probation

CC: s.434 – Arson; s.264(2)(B) – Criminal Harassment; s.334(B) – Theft under $5k

My client had been separated from his wife for 2 years, after 18 years of marriage and children.  My client attended at her residence, while she was away, and stole 2 pairs of her dirty panties, as well as her Apple Watch, in order to track her and to go through her apps.  My client then began sending angry messages to his ex-wife, after learning that she was in a new relationship.  He said that if he had a gun, he would kill them both.  He also sent her repeated unwanted communications, attempting to reconcile.  She filed for divorce and obtained a Restraining Order against him.  One day, he found her car parked on the street outside of her new boyfriend’s residence. He poured gasoline all over her car and set it on fire, causing it to be completely destroyed, and causing her boyfriend’s vehicle in front of it to also get severely damaged. My client admitted everything to the police, so there was no defence.

My client served 60 days in jail (served on weekends only), followed by a period of probation for one year.  He also had to pay restitution in an amount over $35,000.