Assault & Attempted Kidnapping (Calgary) – Counsel Withdrew

CC: s.279(1)(A) – Kidnapping / Child abduction, s.267(B) – Assault Causing Bodily Harm x 2, s.279(2) – Forcible Confinement, s.270(1)(A) – Assault Police Officer x 2.

My client opened a car door, grabbed the right arm of a 9 year-old girl, and violently tried to pull her out of the vehicle.  Her mother screamed and grabbed her daughter’s left arm and pulled against my client’s efforts to take her daughter.  She was crying and screaming hysterically for help.  A man passing by heard this and ran toward them to help, so my client ran away.  The man chased after my client, caught up to him a few blocks away, escorted him back to the scene, and detained him until the police arrived.  During an interview at the police station, my client became agitated, opened the door, and tried to leave.  The police officer tried to stop him. My client fought with him, then several other police officers arrived running toward the room, and forcibly tackled him to the ground.  In the process, he punched an officer in the mouth.  On a different date, while in custody, after being detained and held at the Southern Alberta Forensic Psychiatry Centre, my client was waiting for his medication, when a nurse and Correctional Officer walked by him.  He stood up suddenly and punched the nurse in the face for no apparent reason.  When the officer noticed what occurred, and made eye contact with my client, he immediately began attacking the officer, and punching her in the head repeatedly.  After she managed strike him back, he ran away and locked himself inside his cell.

As a result of a conflict of interest, I had to withdraw from the record before Trial.