Charge Withdrawn in Domestic Assault Against Daughter


CC: s. 266 – Assault (domestic)


Police were notified by Child and Family Services that my client’s 11 year-old daughter reported to them that my client assaulted her the day prior. She told police that my client was angry with her and was trying to physically discipline her, so she was hiding behind her sister on her bed. Her sister was upset, crying, and asking him to stop. He reached around her, hit her once on her arm. He then pulled her out of the bedroom by her wrist and by her hair, and dragged her half way down the hall before letting her go, causing her to hit her head on the floor. He then hit her on her arm and side with the top of an open bottle of water, causing the water to fall out. He then got his shoes on and left, saying that he was going to kill himself. That night, she had trouble sleeping. She felt dizzy and vommitted twice throughout the early morning, believing that she might have suffered a concussion. My client had a dated but related record, consisting of prior convictions for offences, such as possession of an offensive weapon and assault.


The day before the scheduled trial date, the Crown directed Stay of Proceedings. The charge was effectively withdrawn. No criminal conviction.