Domestic Assault with Salami (Calgary) – Charge Withdrawn

CC: s.267(A) – Assault with a Weapon

My client came home drunk to find his wife studying.  He got angry with her because their son was still up and there was some food left on the table.  She ignored him.  He got angry and threw a phone at her, telling her to book him a flight back to India.  She continued to ignore his attempts to pick a fight with her.  Her ordered her to clean up the kitchen.  She told him that she was busy studying and that he could clean it up.  He became enraged, grabbed her by her hair and ears, forced her head between his legs, and punched her in the back of the head several times.  He then grabbed the salami from the table and began angrily stuffing it into her mouth.  Police investigated and discovered there was a long history of unreported domestic violence, including one incident that resulted in his wife having knee pain for 2 years, and her elbow needing to be in a splint.  Their 8 year-old son described to police numerous previous incidents he had witnessed, including times when he tried to intervene in order to stop his father from beating his mother.

Charge Withdrawn.  Resolved with a Peace Bond