Domestic violence (Cochrane) – Charges Withdrawn

CC: s.264.1(1)(A) – Uttering Threats; s.266 – Assault. s.145(3) – Fail to Comply with Recognizance.

My client’s wife came home from work to find him passed out on the couch and her vehicle damaged.  She woke him and asked him for her vehicle keys.  He flew into a rage and, while searching for her keys, yelled and swore at her, saying that he was going to kill her.  After finding her keys, he threw them hard at her. My client is a recovering heroin addict and his wife is afraid of him and fears for their daughter’s safety. Police seized 8 firearms, assorted ammunition, 2 bows and 3 boxes of arrows. A warrant issued for his arrest.  He showed up to the police station, extremely intoxicated and belligerent, trying to record the conversation, and arguing with everyone. He later breached his release conditions by contacting his wife.

Charges Withdrawn.  Resolved with a Peace Bond.