Domestic Violence – Probation


CC: s.266 – Assault, s.423(1)(a) – Preventing Victim From Calling Police, s.279(2) – Forcible Confinement, s.334(b) – Theft Under $5000.


During a heated argument, my client’s girlfriend locked herself in a bedroom. He broke into the bedroom and then prevented her from leaving the residence. The altercation continued in the kitchen, where he knocked a drink out of her hand, then pushed her, causing her to slip and fall, hitting her head on the counter. She screamed to the neighbours for help. In anger, he broke the freezer door, prevented her from escaping again by pushing her down, causing her to believe that he had broken her arm. He slapped her across the face, injuring her jaw, and causing a tooth to get knocked out.  He then took her phone to prevent her from calling the police, as well as her car and house keys and left.


On the day of trial, because the complainant attended and was ready to proceed, I negotiated a plea to simple assault only and he was placed on probation for 12 months. All other charges were withdrawn.