Drunk & Disorderly Client at Casino, Sexually Assaults Girls and Fights Police – Conditional Discharge (charges withdrawn)


CC: s.151 – Sexually Touching a Minor, s.271 – Sexual Assault of a Minor, s.270(1)(b) – Assault Police Officer with Intent to Resist Arrest, s.129(a) – Escape Lawful Custody.


My client was accused of groping girls at a music concert at a casino.  He fought the security guards who kicked him out, and then he assaulted the police officer that arrested him, ripping his uniform, and attempted to strike other officers. He also tried to grab the police officer’s gun while being escorted from the premises and kicked at the glass on the door while being brought out.  He was heavily intoxicated.


I negotiated a guilty plea to resisting arrest only and obtained a conditional discharge, resulting in all criminal charges being withdrawn at completion of one year on probation.