Magic Mushroom Hospital Attack (Calgary) – Charges Withdrawn

CC: s.266 – Assault, s.270.1(1) – Attempting to Disarm a Police Officer

My client’s sponsor called 911 to conduct a welfare check on my client because she had concerns that she was on drugs, extremely distraught and potentially suicidal.  Police attended and transported my client and her girlfriend to the hospital.  Both had ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms and other drugs, and were behaving erratically.  At the hospital, both grew increasingly hostile and verbally abusive toward everyone there.  A police officer tried to force my client to leave, so that the doctor could deal with her girlfriend, who was experiencing a severe anxiety attack and screaming at everyone.  My client refused to leave, and fought against their efforts to be removed by force.  After she was pried off of her girlfriend, she punched one of the hospital orderlies in the testicles twice, and grabbed a police officer’s baton, as she was being wrestled down to the floor.  Once restrained, she was sedated to reduce her violent behaviour.

Charges Withdrawn before trial. Mental Health Diversion Program.