Repeatedly Spousal Abuse (Calgary) – CSO & Probation

CC: s.266 – Assault x 11, s.267(A) – Assault with a Weapon x 3, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, s.264.1(1)(A) – Uttering Threats.

My client repeatedly physically abused his wife over a period of one year.  The violence included: pushing, pulling her by the hair, slapping, punching repeatedly, kicking, throwing her into a wall, and throwing her onto the floor and kicking her in the back.  He also threw several objects at his wife, ripped her clothes, and caused numerous injuries injuries, including: bruises all over her body, scrapes and cuts.  On one occasion, he threw her into the corner of a wall, causing a gash on the top of head, 6 inches long, requiring 8 staples to close the wound.  He also broke a flower vase, and held a piece of broken glass to her throat, and attacked her with a knife, causing a cut on her back.

The Crown, understandably, was seeking a lengthy period of incarceration.  However, I obtained for him a 6-Month Conditional Sentence Order and 12 Months Probation.