Robbery Charge Reduced to Assault


CC: s.344(b) – Robbery


My client hired an escort through an online escort agency to attend at his hotel room. She requested payment of $300 in advance. They talked for 15 minutes, then my client offered to give her a massage. After a few minutes, he turned her over and aggressively pulled at her panties. She protested and told him to stop. He got angry and demanded a refund. She refused. He attempted to forcefully remove the money from her purse. A struggle over the purse ensued. He assaulted her in the process. She threw the money on the floor, locked herself in the bathroom and called 911.


The matter was scheduled for trial, on the basis that he had a defence to the theft portion of the robbery charge. The victim failed to appear for trial, pursuant to a served subpoena. The Crown succeeded in obtaining an adjournment and a witness warrant. A new date for trial was set. This time the victim showed up, so I negotiated a plea deal to simple assault only (a charge to which he had no defence). We adjourned for the purpose of negotiating an agreed statement of facts. In the process of seeking further instructions from my client, he absconded from Canada, in order to pursue overseas employment. I sought leave to withdraw as Counsel of Record and a warrant issued for his arrest. His intention is to rehire me to conclude this matter upon his return to Canada.