Sibling Squabble (Calgary) – Charges Withdrawn

CC: s.267(A) – Assault with a Weapon

My 15 year-old client got upset with her 14 year-old brother over something minor and threw an apple at him.  Later on, she got upset with him about 2 screwdrivers that weren’t supposed to be in a kitchen drawer.  She threw both screwdrivers at him.  One narrowly missed his head, the other grazed his arm, causing a long scratch.  He called his mother, who was at work, to tell her what happened.  Finally, while her brother was on his bed, my client entered his bedroom with a full bowl of cereal, asked him if he was going to finish this.  He said yes.  She then threw it at him, causing milk and cereal to spill all over his bed, and said: “enjoy!” This time, he called the police.

Charges Withdrawn.  Extra-Judicial Sanctions Program.