Spousal Attack and Illegal Firearms (Fort Macleod) – Charges Withdrawn

CC: s.266 – Assault, s.86(2) – Unsecured Firearm x 2, s.91(1) – Possess Firearm Without Licence x 2, s.264.1(1)(A) – Uttering Threats

My client got into a big argument with his wife over the phone, because she was out getting drunk with some friends.  He told her not to come home.  She did anyway, but slept in their RV.  When he found her there, he became enraged, and began hitting and punching her repeatedly, and pulled her hair so hard that some ripped out.  She was fighting back and screaming so loud that my client stopped, in order to avoid alerting the neighbours.  She told police that he brought home a shotgun and a rifle and she was concerned for the safety of herself and her family, as he had threatened to kill her father.

On the day of trial, the Crown agreed to withdraw all charges and to resolve with a Peace Bond.