Threats to Stab and Shoot Wife (Airdrie) – Charges Withdrawn

CC: s.267(A) – Assault with a Weapon x 2, s.264.1(1)(A) – Uttering Threats x 2, s.87(1) – Pointing a Loaded Firearm, s.92(2) – Possession of a Prohibited Firearm without a License.

A neighbour called police after witnessing my drunken client yelling at his wife outside of their residence, and throwing a rake at her.  Police then obtained further information from his wife about previous acts of violence toward her including one time when he threatened her with a large butcher knife and told her to stab him or else he was going to stab her, and another time when he pointed a loaded rifle at her and told her that he was going to kill her.  My client had a criminal record and had already resolved a previous incident of domestic violence with a Peace Bond.

Charges Withdrawn.  Resolved with a Peace Bond, again.