Vicious Beating – Charges Dismissed


CC: s.268 – Aggravated Assault, s.733.1 x 6 – Fail to Comply with Probation Order


My client, together with her sister, her mother and her boyfriend, who were all homeless at the time, were sleeping under a bridge downtown. At 3:00 am, my client awoke to her boyfriend raping her sister.  However, my client thought that her sister was having consensual sexual relations with her boyfriend.  In a fit of rage, my client attacked her sister and beat her repeatedly by punching, kicking and hitting her with a stick all over her body.  Her boyfriend also joined in the vicious beating.  They beat her so badly that they put her in the hospital.  She suffered contusions and lacerations all over her entire body, her eyes were swollen shut, and she had bleeding in her brain.  They then left her there, with her intoxicated mother, who apparently knows nothing about the incident, and went to sleep elsewhere.


Because the victim did not appear on the day of the Preliminary Inquiry, and could not be located, all charges were dismissed.